surprising potential subscribers in a playful manner


Direct mailing for magazines

Surprising potential subscribers in a playful manner. Reach your target audience and achieve a high conversion.

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  • Direct mailing for magazines

    Direct mailing for magazines

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  • Direct mailing for magazines

    Direct mailing for magazines

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10 reasons to opt for PUL display

  • 50 years’ experience in Point Of Sale
  • Always tailor-made
  • Covers the whole process
  • Wide range of materials
  • Specialised in various production techniques
  • Own production facilities
  • Own merchandisers
  • Any quantity you may wish
  • From design to the shop floor
  • For any target group

About PUL display

In PUL display the Netherlands, we have been working for 50 years to raising visibility and sales at the Point of Sale. In it we hallmark reliability and thoroughness. In all displays, mailings and packaging we design and manufacture, we are going to work thoroughly and accurately. From an inventory of your requirements to delivering the final product, we keep a sharp eye on every detail: shop factors, environment, production costs and time. Anything to achieve your goal..

PUL display

Everything under one roof

With us, everything happens under one roof. We work with materials such as plastic, cardboard, metal and wood. This allows us to deliver customized solutions. Point of Sale material so you will reach your goal.

Quality in the blink of an eye

If you want quality and a personalised service, as well as short delivery times, please contact us without any obligations. We are ready to turn your plans into a high-quality, tailor-made displays, mailing or packaging. And in no time!


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your wishes. You can send your inquiries to our sales department at or call us to arrange a meeting, without any obligations, and/or for a quotation: +31 33 253 60 14.

Contact information

Do you want high-quality displays, mailings or packaging material? Do you like a personalised service and short delivery times? Please contact us, without any obligations. We would very much like to know about your wishes.

Thanks for the request

Thanks. We have received your contact request in good order and will respond within a few hours. Would you rather have contact sooner with someone of PUL display? Please contact us at +31 033-2536014 or by e-mail

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